Front Sight’s Monday Blog: We will Train Nevada’s Teachers

Obama,   once again, is using a school shooting to deflect attention away from   his complete lack of leadership in dealing with our nation’s debt crisis   and the disastrous launch of ObamaCare.

Just   a day after a middle school shooting in Nevada, Obama “remains   committed” to pushing for stricter gun control laws and will “keep at   it,” say Obama’s White House press secretary.

Obama   is an idiot to think that gun control is going to stop school   shootings. Fortunately, we only have three more years of that moron in   the Whitehouse. Unfortunately, we will continue to have more school   shootings until we take the proper steps to forever stop the CAUSE of   school shootings.

If   you missed it, police say a 12-year-old boy at Sparks Middle School   near Reno, Nevada, shot and injured two classmates and killed math   teacher Mike Landsberry, a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and had been trying to talk the shooter out of harming others. The 12-year-old boy also killed himself.

So how many more of these school shootings are we going to allow before we… ARM AND TRAIN OUR TEACHERS!
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