A Letter from the “Forgotten Man”

Glenn has talked a lot on his radio show the past few days about the idea of the “forgotten man” – the everyday American who has been left out of the political process so that progressives can satisfy their bases. It’s the person who has money taken out of their paychecks that go towards programs and policies that keep the Harry Reids, Nancy Pelosis, and John McCains of the world in office. It’s the millions of Americans who just want to be decent to one another, to use common sense, and stay out of the games being played in Washington. Over the weekend, one listener wrote into the show to express their frustration at being a “forgotten man”.

Dear Glenn,

I heard you talk about the forgotten man last week. You were talking about me. You were talking about us. I’m the farmer in Iowa, I’m a school bus driver in Tennessee, I’m a travelling salesman in Texas, I’m not rich I’m not poor. I’m not from the East Coast or the West Coast. I was not at the top of my class and I didn’t occupy the bottom spot. I live, work, and raise my family somewhere in between. And that is why I am the forgotten man. Some call me … Read More

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