Gun Carrying CHL holders are thugs?

A very common perception is that anyone can get a gun. It’s way too easy!  This is a false assumption that often leads to people thinking that those who carry a concealed firearm are thugs or irresponsible.  If you look into the statistics of any state that has Shall Issue Laws, you will find that CHL holders are actualy law-abiding citizen who follow the laws and are not the criminals.  I recently looked at the stats for TX and was VERY surprised how low the incidents of gun issues were for CHL holders vs. Non-CHL holders.  Before vilifying a person that chooses to carry a gun for personal protection, we need to look at the facts.  The facts say that they are NOT the problem.  They do not increase the amount of violent crime and in fact deter violence and crime in areas where it is well know that the intended victim may actually be carrying a legal gun to defend himself/herself with.

I do not expect you to believe me so do your own research.
Start here:
CHL Program Image look under the Reports and Statistics link.  Each state has a similar site and collects these stats for their state.  They all say the same thing.

So remember:
To get and keep a CHL, a person has to be responsible with their gun, whereas a criminal does not.  Most crimes in America are committed by criminals who obtain their firearms illegally. Responsibility with a gun is one of the many things that separate the law abiding citizen and the much to common criminal.  I for one want more responsible gun owners not less.

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