Restoring Love Event

Just got back from the July 28th Restoring Love event in Dallas Texas and must say that it was once again a succesful production.

Glen has sounded the call for all of us to do what the government can’t.  We must be the ones that fix our country.  We must be the ones that take care of our neighbors who are in need.  We can’t depend on the government to do everything for us!

On arrival we found plenty of parking around the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and were soon parked and on our way.  We entered the stadium without delay as they had things well-organized.  We took the tour around the area and located our seats.  I was happy to see how may people were at the event.  The stadium can seat 80,000 and it felt like it was filling up quickly.

Glen had many different historical items on stage that he used to entertain and educate us about our history and the struggles that we have been thru in the past.  Items like the original painting of George Washington Praying, A desk that was used by Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth’s Luggage, A letter from Ronald Regan to his daughter and many other items that you would never expect to see at a show like this.  They even had one of the Liberty Bells. Freedom has always been on the edge of a cliff thru out our history and must fight to save it now as we have in the past.

The show ended with all the artist and speakers on stage singing one of the songs written for the show.  Glen called for us to stand up and continue the good works that were started this week.  It is up to us to restore America.  It is up to us to make it what we believe it to be.  We may never see all the results of our work but like the ones that came before us we must leave America better that we found her.

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