OWS – Not making any friends

I recently took a trip to California.  I started my trip in Sacramento.  The first stop to visit friends was in Monterey which was a great time. On my way up the highway 1 I passed thru Santa Cruz.  Halfway thru the town I came to a complete stop and for about 10 minute I move about 2 car lengths.  Suddenly my car was surrounded by a large group of OWS supporter college students.  They were walking down the middle of the main street thru town against traffic.  They may have thought they were being funny but they lost ALL my support (which was all but lost already).  They say they are against the 1% and that they are the 99% but they were causing me problems and I am not among the 1% they are trying to demonize.  I consider myself to be among the 53% club.  I work for a living.  I strive to make something for myself but do not expect it to be given to me.  That was strike one for this trip.

I eventually made it to San Francisco.  This is a fun city to visit and has all kinds of fun sites to visit.  One of the newest sights was a collection for OWS supporters in tents right down along the waterfront.  Not sure what they thought they were accomplishing.  The tour guide (a person working for his money) brushed them off as we drove by.  He was not impressed.  I was not impressed either.  Nobody on the bus showed any interest either.  We have grown tired of their antics and lack of purpose.

I finally returned to the Sacramento area and decided to visit the UC Davis campus.  I discovered that there were a few tents setup by few OWS supporters.  Not impressed.  Little did I know they would soon be making headlines in the news.

Don’t get me wrong I support the right to protest but I also think that too much of anything is not good.  They must understand that quantity over quality leads to confusion of their purpose.  They would have had a better result if they had organized and tried to follow some basic rules of law.  Stopping traffic and living in a park does not create good will.  When you start to become violent and cause situations that interfere with the very people you say you are fighting for you lose all support.  You just confirmed my position.  You are not worthy of listening to, your dangerous, and you don’t care about the problems you are causing the working class.

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