Conservative vs Liberal Reality

Conservative Reality

Rich people and investors create opportunity -> Due to opportunities more people get to work and take care of themselves  -> More people working allow more people to invest and more to get rich ->More investments and more rich people creates more opportunities -> And the process repeats.

Once we have enough working and  rich people paying taxes and fewer poor, the limited taxes collected from the working classes and rich will be enough to help the fewer numbers that are truly in need.  People that have enough to take care of themselves also tend to donate more to causes to help others as well. The private sector tends to make better use of
resources than any government body ever could, including charity.

Social programs must be only for the ones that can not take care of themselves. It should not be for those that will not take care of themselves.  Anyone that is able to work needs to work or else they place an undue strain on the resources. Government is not the most
efficient way to do most things.  That is why the Constitution limited Federal powers to specific areas were they could be effective and left to rest to the states, local governments, and the PEOPLE!

Liberal Reality

More government -> More Programs -> More redistribution -> More Taxes -> Less motivation -> Entitlement -> More government

Need I say more?

Big government kills growth and causes less prosperity and less freedom.  If this is what you want, then vote for big government.  As for me I want smaller government and less regulation.  Note that I did not say no government or no regulation just LESS.

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