Attack on the freedom of speech

Attack Watch is the latest liberal move to collect any trash on conservatives that they can.  I prefer to call it Snitch Central and we all know what happens to a snitch when they get caught.  I am not saying that untrue statements are ok, but that is not the true purpose of this site.  What they really are doing is trying to interfere with our right to free speech.  If they can stop people from saying what they believe by creating fear they win. If they start attacking people for everything they say, it will scare the average person from speaking out.  When we feel we will be called out and have our views twisted, then this site will have served its purpose.  If we become afraid to defend conservative views we will not be able to educate others about why we feel we have the best solutions.  If only one side is allowed to be heard, then we will have lost our freedom.  We can’t run a fair campaign to win elections if we can’t be heard.  That would leave the Left free to twist the truth in their favor until it is too late.  We can not let this happen.  Lets Stand our ground and fearlessly put our view out and stand by our principles.  Silence is not an option if we wish to live in true freedom.

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